student gallery

This section is dedicated to my students ;) A chance for me to show off their work ;)
Over the years I have been very lucky - having the pleasure of meeting (and teaching) a lot of talented and inspired people ;) These pages exhibit some of their work as well as giving links to their web sites - their own personal sites as well as any additional sites created.

URLs [2oo2 - current]

portfolio sites

a continuously growing selection of links to portfolio sites of my students. Very varied in visual style and content - I'm very proud to present the new webdesigners ;)
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note to my students:
in case I have forgotten anyone - please do let me know and I will add you to the page.

client sites

another great list of links - this time to websites created to specific client briefs.
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project work[2oo1 - 2oo6]


a mixed collection of various projects created in the evening classes.
definitely worth a look - I'm always amazed how far people can come despite working and having much less time to practice, some beautiful work on display here ;)
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html & css

a mixed collection of websites created in the evening classes.
again, definitely worth a look - being initially quite shocked at the propsect of hand-coding, we have come a long way in a short time - the sites speak for themselves...
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some of this work goes back a few years by now - there is also a link to a now sadly obsolete course website...
there is still a lot to look at though ;)
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